Exporting from ArcMap to Illustrator

ArcMap to AI Tutorial-1

Getting Started

1. In ArcMap, you will need to have singular layers. Drag any grouped layers out of its group.

2. Turn OFF the layers that are NOT being exported to Illustrator.

3. Double check that all layers being exported are NOT transparent in the Display Properties Menu

Exporting from ArcMap

1. In ArcMap’s Layout View* OR Map View, go to File > Export Map

2. Under Save As, select AI (Adobe Illustrator)

3. Under Export Options, check the box to Covert Marker Symbols to Polygons.

(If the Export Options do not automatically appear, click on the button on the lower left corner of the Export Dialog Box).

4. Save.

Note: Exporting from Layout View does retain paper size, scale bars, etc. when imported into Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator

1. After the export has completed, open it in Illustrator. If Illustrator asks to convert fonts, select Yes.

2. In Illustrator, there should be separate layers corresponding with the layers from ArcMap.

3. To edit geometry, select all and then choose Object > Release Clipping Mask. By releasing the Clipping Mask, some of the geometry may fall outside of the artboard.

4. If some of the geometry is still grouped, right click to Ungroup.

5. Edit the linework, color, fills, etc. to your liking.


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